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Tobia Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa

    * Tobia Scarpa – born in Venice on January 1st 1935.

    * Afra Bianchin Scarpa – born in Montebelluna on Mars 28th 1937

    * Afra and Tobia Scarpa started working in the field of glass at Venini’s in Murano in 1958.

    * In 1960 they collaborated with Gavina, and the “Bastiano” divans and metal bed “Vanessa” are now the most successful pieces in the Knoll International Collection.

    * For Cassina, where they designed a whole collection of furniture for the home, they created the armchair “Soriana”, which won the Compasso D’Oro, and the 925 armchair, which is on show in the permanent exhibition at the Museum Art in New York.

    * Since 1960 Tobia Scarpa has been working with the Castiglioni architects as a designer with Flos. His latest success is the floor lamp “Papillona”.

    * “Coronado” and “Erasmo” are the most well-known divans and armchair designed for B&B Italia.

    * The “Torcello” system, which was designed sixteen years ago for a set of furniture produced by Stildomus, is still being used.

    * They also designed the famous “Morna” bed and the “Master” set of furniture for management offices for Uniform.

    * Theirs is the image of Benetton shops throughout Europe and America (Benetton, My Market, Jeans West, Tomato and Mercerie).

    * They also deal with architecture on and off: the Benetton woollen good manufactory and house at Ponzano, restoration of Villa Minelli, restoration of the Fragiacomo family house in Triest, the Scarpa family house, the Lorenzin family house at Abano Terme are just some of their works.

    * Their designs are on show in the main museums all over the world, and many have been chosen for the various international design exhibitions and the buildings published in specialist magazines in Italy and abroad.

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